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While the design may appear quite “simple,” the new layout and design for is intended to provide better service and performance for the thousands of monthly visitors to our corner of the world wide web.

We’ve beefed up the events calendar, as well as the news and local features sections — and we’re still adding new content constantly! Plus, every page shows the current 3-day weather forecast and our Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s easy to stay in touch with what’s happening in Port O’Connor.

Stay in Touch with

And to make it even easier, if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive an email whenever we post new information on the site. The email newsletter won’t go out more than once a week (we all already get too much email), but with each issue, you’ll know what’s happening in our fair little village.

More and more businesses and organizations are also joining Their listings help our visitors find the goods and services they need when they visit Port O’Connor. From fishing guides to lodging, gift shops to boat rentals, our Local Directory is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a great way for a local business to get in front of visitors before they even arrive! a History of Online Information

The feedback we’ve received from many of the thousands of visitors has helped us to create this new version. has actually be in service since the late 1990’s. Below are a few of the screenshots from over the years. As online browsers and computers have evolved, we’ve wanted to continue updating the site.

Today’s is now optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can visit on your iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablet, and the layout automatically adjusts to present the information for easy viewing.

If you have ideas, suggestions, new articles, events or announcements you’d like for us to place on, simply use our Contact Page or call us on our toll-free number, 877-371-8178. If you’re in Port O’Connor, feel free to drop by the Port O’Connor Visitor Center to drop off your information.

Thanks for being a loyal visitor to And be sure to let others know about POC by sharing on your Facebook or Twitter. The more, the merrier!

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