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Port O’Connor is Perfect for Kayaking

Kayaking off Port O’Connor, Texas, affords an exciting experience to interact with the coastal habitat. Exploring the area in an individually-powered vessel allows for a more relaxed pace, perfect for enjoying time outdoors. Paddling also provides the opportunity to exercise in a healthy and unique environment, outside and on your own time.

An excellent kayaking excursion exists off the coast of Port O’Connor. Texas Parks & Wildlife maintains the Port O’Connor Paddling Trail, which extends across bays and bends through bayous to end up at Matagorda Island State Park. The trail offers three routes of varying distances to satisfy the day or overnight kayak voyager. Camping is available at Matagorda Island State Park or Sunday Beach to those with proper permits and gear.

Kayaking around Port O’Connor creates opportunities to enjoy Texas coastal wildlife at close proximity. Bird watching and kayaking are complementary activities as numerous species of birds can be seen and appreciated without disturbance. A large herd of deer make their home on Matagorda Island and could be observed on some kayak trips. Of course, Port O’Connor is known for fishing, and several species can be spotted while kayaking, depending on the location.

Growing in popularity, kayaking in Port O’Connor is an option to be considered by the anglers seeking a new experience. Fishing from a kayak can be quite advantageous as paddlers can reach spots more inaccessible or difficult to navigate with motorboats. Fishing while kayaking also makes it easy to track fish without alerting them, as the craft can glide silently along the top of the water.

Calm waters around Port O’Connor marry well with kayaking whether for leisure or adventure, fitness or fishing. Many people enjoy kayaking in Port O’Connor, from the beginner learning to paddle off King Fisher Beach to the avid adventurer embarking on a 25-mile journey.

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