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The Most Versatile Boat

For several weeks, the staff of had seen glimpses of perhaps the most unique water vessel to grace our shores. A boat that not only performed well in shallow water, but which was drivable onto dry land.

On August 26th, we got the privilege of not only seeing this amphibious boat up close, but we got to take a ride courtesy of Mike Hopkins of Sealegs of Texas. Mike invited us along to witness the unique capabilities of the New Zealand made Sealegs boat.

Hopkins launched the boat from its trailer parked on Park Street by backing the boat off the trailer and driving it across the park and into Matagorda Bay. Once the boat was in deep water, the wheels were retracted and we took it for a spin around the little jetties and up into the ICW.

What was most amazing was the boat was equally capabile on land and water: it drove easily across land and speed smoothly across the bay.

While the Sealegs boat might not be ideal for all bay water activities, it certainly offers a multitude of uses. The boat is ideal for search and rescue units, or for a trip to and across Sunday Beach.

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